The Original Amazing School

When I tell people about the Amazing School project, people love the sound of it but the bravest do point out that it might be a little idealistic / unrealistic.

This is a valid challenge. It’s also a saddening challenge, as it highlights how impotent we feel as adults.  It shows that we don’t feel we have the power to create an education system that will delight, amaze, nurture, challenge, motivate and educate our children.

I might have given up.  I might have never decided that I would put time and effort (lots of time and effort) into developing this project.  But, thankfully for me and my community and you and your children, I didn’t give up.  The reason I didn’t give up is because I went to an Amazing School.

The Original Amazing School is in Brussels.  It’s not called the Original Amazing School, that would be silly.  It’s called Ecole Hamaide and their website is here:

Yup, I went to a school in a fairy tale castle.  I learnt more there than I have learnt anywhere else and I left believing that by concentrating, observing, communicating and collaborating we can achieve anything we put our mind to with time.  BIG PROBLEMS like nuclear fusion and a cure for AIDS might take a long time mind, but I’m an optimist, I think it is possible.

Perhaps more importantly, I enjoyed my primary school experience and developed a life long love of learning.

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